Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An Intro

This is Old School Future here.  Here at we believe that many of our new and future problems could be solved with some good old fashioned know how, and we find ourselves going back to the way we used to do things.  Sometimes even for the sake of sustainability.  We will be showcasing what we think are great ways of doing things.  Great ways of living.  Things that might have been forgotten, but certainly still have their place in today's world.  

"Old School Future: The future is yesterday..."
"Sustainability before Sustainability was a thing."


And here is the video as promised...Safety Razors...away!

 Don't worry, I am not actually as worried as I seem in the screen grab. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Quick Reel Mower Review (under 5:00 minutes with bonus!)

  Well I finally got around to testing out the 'ol Scott's 20" Classic reel mower I bought second hand.  It's been less than stellar I must say, but it is a good work out for sure.  Check out the video and let me know what you think!

"The future is yesterday..."

Finally got that reel mower....AKA My Forever Mower

Well I finally got a used reel mower since Scott's never replied to any of my requests to test one out...haha.  Coincidentally, I did end up getting a used Scott's 20" Classic Reel Mower. 

 I love the width of the mower.  When I got it, it hadn't been sharpened and was off kilter some.  As soon as I actually have some grass and not weeds in my yard I will be doing a video review.  Be on the lookout!

FYI:  I believe most of the people that give these up don't take the time to learn how to maintain them or sharpen them.  Also if you are wondering if you can use the valve grinding compound to sharpen the blades...I did that and it worked just fine.  5$ vs 30$ for the actual sharpening kit. 


Monday, February 3, 2014

Reusing stuff, we(us people) have been doing that forever!

You remember the 3 R's right?  Reduce Reuse Recycle?  The other day I found myself out and about without my reusable coffee cup.  I did have a shiny new gift card for Starbucks though.  So we went by and got a couple of drinks.  Later after I turned my Doppio into a Mocha Latte. (Yeah I am now one of those people), I felt really bad about throwing the two cups into recycling.  I know Starbucks tries hard to make everything recyclable and biodegradable, etc, but REUSE comes before RECYCLE for a good reason.  I typed in "how to reuse paper coffee cups" in the ol' google and got this article.

Do any of these things with the cups to make your old pappy or grand nanny proud like you grew up in them there depression days!

I really want to work on reducing my carbon footprint this year, so that I at least break even with all the gas my turbo sucks down.  Don't worry some day I want to have a turbo diesel that runs on WVO, some day.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A short intro...

"Old School Future: The future is yesterday..."
"Sustainability before Sustainability was a thing."